Elite Goblin

  • Located in Noria
  • Respawn Time: 3h
  • Recommended Level: 20
  • Max Level for Rewards: 220
  • Item Drop Count: 2

Chaos Weapons

Chaos Dragon AxeChaos Lightning StaffChaos Nature Bow
Item Level +0~+9

Normal Weapons

Kriss Short SwordRapierKatanaSword of Assasin
GladiusFalchionFlat Short SwordTomahawkElven Axe
Small AxeHand AxeDouble AxeMaceMorning Star
FlailSpearHalberdDragon LanceDouble Poleaxe
Prickle LanceShort BowBowElven BowCrossbow
Golden CrossbowBattle BowArquebusAngelic StaffSkull Staff
Item Level +11~+15

Normal Shields

Small ShieldHorn ShieldKite ShieldBucklerSkull Shield
Lapid ShieldElven ShieldPlate ShieldLarge Round Shield
Item Level +11~+15

Normal Sets

VineSilkViolent WindRobustLeather Gunner
Scale Gunner
Item Level +11~+15

Normal Jewelry

Pendant of LightingPendant of FirePendant of IcePendant of WindPendant of Water
Pendant of AbilityRing of FireRing of EarthRing of WindRing of Magic
Item Level +0~+4


Jewel of ChaosJewel of BlessJewel of SoulJewel of LifeJewel of Creation
Drops up to 3 qty


Sealed Golden BoxZen3 Goblin Points

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