• Located in Nixies Lake
  • Require Nix Fragment to enter (purchaseable from NPC James)
  • Spawns every 18 hours after being killed
  • Item Drop Count: 2 per party member

Excellent Sets

Holyangel KnightHolyangel Wizard Holyangel Elf (A) Holyangel Elf (E) Holyangel Magic (S)
Holyangel Magic (E) Holyangel Summoner Holyangel Lord Holyangel Fighter Holyangel Lancer
Holyangel Runist Holyangel Slayer


Errtel of AngerErrtel of BlessingErrtel of IntegrityErrtel of DivinityErrtel of radiance
Arca’s ProphecyAntonia’s SwordKundun’s Seal Scroll
Errtels are +4~+7

Excellent Jewelry

Necklace of AgonySolid SymbolRing of UltimatumRing of BlockProtector Ring
Defender Ring


Jewel of Chaos x25Jewel of Bless x25Jewel of Soul x25Jewel of Life x25Jewel of Creation x25
Sealed Golden BoxGaruda’s FlameMiracle CoinsHoly Angel Chaos Guild Charm FragmentNix Muun
Drops 1~5 miracle coins

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