Box of Heaven

  • Drops in Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland, Dungeon and Atlans 1
  • Item Drop Count: 2

Normal Weapons

BladeThunder StaffLight CrossbowNikkea AxeBattle Scepter
Violent Wind StickBook of SamutSacred GlovePrickle LanceElemental Rune Mace
Flat Short SwordEntro Magic GunElemental Magic BookMyotis OrbSilver Blade
Item level +3 to +7

Normal Shields

Small ShieldHorn ShieldKite ShieldBucklerSkull Shield
Lapid ShieldElven ShieldPlate ShieldLarge Round Shield
Item level +3 to +7

Normal Sets

ScaleBoneSilkViolent WindRobust
Sphinx RuneSlayer Red WingScale GunnerGlimmerSphinx Mage
Illusion Scale
Item level +3 to +7

Normal Jewelry

Pendant of LightingPendant of FirePendant of IcePendant of WindPendant of Water
Pendant of AbilityRing of FireRing of EarthRing of WindRing of Magic
Item level +0 to +4


Updated on November 7, 2022

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