Box of Kundun +2

You learn which golden monsters drops BOK+2 and where do they spawn please visit: A guide that will be created soon.

Excellent Weapons

Light SaberLegendary SwordDouble BladeBladeSerpent Sword
Sword of SalamanderDacia Short SwordCoockery Short SwordLarkan AxeBattle Axe
Nikea AxeGreat HammerLight spearSerpent SpearGiant Trident
BerdyshPrickle LanceLight CrossbowTiger BowSerpent Crossbow
Thunder StaffViolent Wind StickBook of ShamutSerpent Staff Mystery Stick

Excellent Shields

Tower ShieldSerpent ShieldLegendary ShieldDragon Slayer ShieldSpiked Shield
Alacran Shield

Excellent Sets

SpiritViolent WindRobustRune SpinkActant
Slayer Demonic

Excellent Jewelry

Pendant of LightingPendant of FirePendant of IcePendant of WindPendant of Water
Pendant of AbilityRing of FireRing of EarthRing of WindRing of Magic


Jewel of Chaos x3Jewel of Bless x3Jewel of Soul x3Jewel of Life x3Jewel of Creation x3
Sealed Golden Box

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