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Cherry Blossom Event

Loot Cherry Blossom Play-Box from monsters level 71 to 150 and obtain Blossom Branches to exchange in the NPC Cherry Blossom Spirit in Noria (178,127) for prizes.

Cherry Blossom Branches

You can collect and exchange Cherry Blossom Branches to receive prizes in the Cherry Blossom Event

Branch TypeQty RequiredRewards
White Cherry10Guardian, Imp, Dinorant
Jewels x1
Dark Bless, Dark Soul
Red Cherry50Master Exp Potion (1)(2)(3)
Sealed Golden Box
Dark Bless, Dark Soul, Dark Life,
Jewel of Science, Jewel of Wisdom
Golden Cherry255 Master Exp Potion (4)(5)(6)
Second Wing Box
Lethal Ring of Wizard
Jewel of Luck

Cherry Blossom Buffs

You can also get Cherry Blossom Buffs from Play-Box which gives you hp, mana and damage as shown below:

Cherry Blossom Rice CakeIncrease max hp +70030 minutes
Cherry Blossom WineIncrease max mana +70030 minutes
Cherry Blossom Flower PetalIncrease damage +4030 minutes


  • Dark bless increases an item level to +6.
  • Dark soul increases an item level to +9.
  • Jewel of science adds skills to any weapon.
  • Jewel of wisdom adds socket slot to any socket item.
  • Jewel of Luck adds luck option to an item.
  • All jewels mentioned above has 90% success rate.
  • You can drop cherry branches from your event inventory to create space if needed.
Updated on April 6, 2020

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