Crafting Materials

Find material required for crafting new items in chaos machine.

Raven SpiritAny monster level 102 or higher
Dark Horse SpiritAny monster level 96 or higher
Loch’s FeatherAny monster level 82 or higher
Monarch CrestAny monster level 82 or higher
Condor FlameKanturu Island
Raklion (Dark Monsters)
Garuda FlameDeep Dungeon Gorgon
Golden CrestDeep Dungeon 2 and above
Splinter of ArmorLand of Trial
Bless of GuardianLand of Trial
Claw of BeastLand of Trial

Wings 2.5 Material

Death King’s BoneHell Maine’s LeatherDark Phoenix FlameDeath Beam Knight Soul
Death KnightBlue GolemPhantom KnightTantalos
Death GorgonWitch QueenGreat DrakanBeam Knight
BalrogHell MainePhoenix of DarknessDeath Beam Knight

Entradas a Eventos

NivelBlood Castle, Devil Square, Imperial Fortress
1Karutan 1, Ubaid, Swamp of Calmness
2Karutan 2, Uruk, Nars, Kanturu
3Ferea, Kanturu Island
4Nixies Lake, Deep Dungeon
5Deep Dungeon, Swamp of Darkness
6Kubera Mine, Atlans Abbys
7Atlans Abbys, Scorched Canyon

Updated on September 30, 2021

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