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Elemental Capsules

The Disassemble feature is the only way to create Elemental Capsule.

The Disassemble button in the Character Inventory, which can be used to disassemble Errtel and Ancient Item. Errtel and Ancient Item can be disassembled.

Disassembling any item will create Elemental Powder x1.


Errtel of AngerErrtel of BlessingErrtel of Divinity
Errtel of IntegrityErrtel of Radiance
Errtel element is random

Expansion Scroll Radiance

Fragment of Radiance slot (1)Fragment of Radiance slot (2)Fragment of Radiance slot (3)
Fragment of Radiance slot (4)


Kundun’s Madness BladeKundun’s Magic Spell Scroll
Ancient Icarus ScrollEmpire Guardians’ Stronghold
Pentagrams can have up to 4 socket slots


Blessing of SpiritElemental RuneElemental Powder
Updated on January 15, 2024

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