• Located in Land of Trial
  • Respawn Time: 13h
  • Item Drop Count: 4

Excellent Weapons

Knight BladeBeurobaKundun StaffChromatic StaffArrow Viper Bow
Aileen BowDark Reign BladeGreat Lord ScepterStriker ScepterRaven Stick
Piercing Blade GlovePluma LanceEl Vis LanceEl Hazard Rune MaceCookery Short Sword
Frere Magic GunAttribute Magic BookBlue Moon OrbXeno Blade
Excellent Items can have up to 3 options

Excellent Shields

Dragon ShieldGrand Soul ShieldElemental ShieldCross ShieldPluma Shield
Vis ShieldEl Hazard Shield
Excellent Items can have up to 3 options

Excellent Sets

Holyangel KnightHolyangel Wizard Holyangel Elf (A) Holyangel Elf (E) Holyangel Magic (S)
Holyangel Magic (E)Holyangel SummonerHolyangel Lord Holyangel Fighter Holyangel Lancer
Holyangel Runist Holyangel Slayer Holyangel Gun CrusherHolyangel Light WizardHolyangel Lemuria
Holyangel Illusion Knight
Excellent Items can have up to 3 options


Errtel of AngerErrtel of BlessingErrtel of IntegrityErrtel of DivinityErrtel of Radiance
Runedil’s Goldentune HarpLemuria’s OrbNorrwen’s Bloodstring Lyra
Errtels are +1~+4, Pentagrams up to +4 Socket slots

Excellent Jewelry

Pendant of LightingPendant of FirePendant of IcePendant of WindPendant of Water
Pendant of AbilityRing of FireRing of EarthRing of WindRing of Magic
Pendants and Rings can have up to 3 options


Marshal Gaion Carin (Hero)


Jewel of ChaosJewel of BlessJewel of SoulJewel of LifeJewel of Creation
Jewel of Wisdom
Drops up to 15 qty


Sealed Golden BoxHolyangel Talisman FragmentGaruda Flame
560 Goblin Points
Updated on January 3, 2024

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