• Located in Land of Trial
  • Spawns every 12 hours after being killed
  • Item Drop Count: 6

Excellent Weapons

Bone Blade Explosion Blade Phoenix Soul Star Soleil Scepter Sylph Wind Bow
Grand Viper Staff Storm Blitz Stick      

Excellent Sets

Darkangel Knight Darkangel Wizard Darkangel Elf (A) Darkangel Elf (E) Darkangel Magic (S)
Darkangel Magic (E) Darkangel Summoner Darkangel Lord Darkangel Fighter Darkangel Lancer
Darkangel Runist Darkangel Slayer      


Errtel of Anger Errtel of Blessing Errtel of Integrity Errtel of Divinity Errtel of radiance
Runedil’s Goldentune Harp Lemuria’s Orb Norrwen’s Bloodstring Lyra    
Errtels are +3~+6

Excellent Jewelry

Necklace of Agony Solid Symbol Ring of Ultimatum Ring of Block Protector Ring
Defender Ring        


Jewel of Chaos x20 Jewel of Bless x20 Jewel of Soul x20 Jewel of Life x20 Jewel of Creation x20
Sealed Golden Box Garuda’s Flame Sealed Bloodangel Holy Angel Chaos Guild Charm Fragment Sealed Armor Sculpture

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