Erohim can be found in Loren Deep Event and Land of Trial.

Normal Weapons

Bone BladeExplosion BladePhoenix Soul StarSoleil ScepterSylph Wind Bow
Grand Viper StaffStorm Blitz Stick

Excellent Weapons

Daybreak Knight Blade Sword Dancer Dark Reign Blade Great Lord Scepter
Shining ScepterArrow Viper BowAlbatross BowStaff of KundunPlatina Staff
Demonic StickRaven StickRune Blade

Excellent Sets

Great DragonDark SoulRed SpiritDark MasterHurricane


Jewel of Chaos x3Jewel of Bless x3Jewel of Soul x3Jewel of Life x3Jewel of Creation x3
Sealed Golden Box Haste Act Detection BeadMiracle Coin

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