• Access Level: 280
  • Recommended Level: 350

Normal & Exc Weapons

BrovaChromatic StaffAileen BowRave StickStriker Scepter
Demonic StickPiercing Blade GlovePluma LanceVis LanceCookery Short Sword
El Hazard Rune MaceFrere Magic GunAttribute Magic BookBlue Moon OrbXeno Blade
Excellent Items can have up to 1 options

Normal & Exc Shields

Dragon ShieldElemental ShieldCross ShieldPluma ShieldVis Shield
Grand Soul ShieldLarge Round ShieldElven Shield
Excellent Items can have up to 1 options

Normal & Exc Sets

Bloodangel KnightBloodangel Wizard Bloodangel Elf (A) Bloodangel Elf (E) Bloodangel Magic (S)
Bloodangel Magic (E)Bloodangel SummonerBloodangel Lord Bloodangel Fighter Bloodangel Lancer
Bloodangel Runist Bloodangel Slayer Bloodangel Gun CrusherBloodangel Light WizardBloodangel Lemuria
Bloodangel Illusion Knight
Excellent Items can have up to 1 options


Iron Shield of the MagicBrave Hero ElixirMerciless Gladiator’s DaggerThoughtful Sage’s JewelMithril
Pentagrams can have up to 4 socket slots


Jewel of ChaosJewel of BlessJewel of SoulJewel of LifeJewel of Creation


Guardian AngelImpHorn of Uniria
Updated on November 7, 2022

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