• Located in Lorencia
  • Respawn Time: 6h
  • Recommended Level: 50
  • Max Level for GP: 400
  • Item Drop Count: 2

Ancient Items

All items ancients
Can be obtained +5 or +10 stamina


Errtel of AngerErrtel of BlessingErrtel of IntegrityErrtel of Divinity
Ancient Icarus ScrollEmpire Guardians’ StrongholdKundun’s Magic Spell ScrollKundun’s Madness Blade
Errtels are +0~+3, Pentagrams up to +4 Socket slots

Excellent Jewelry

Pendant of LightingPendant of FirePendant of IcePendant of WindPendant of Water
Pendant of AbilityRing of FireRing of EarthRing of WindRing of Magic
Pendants and Rings can have up to 3 options


Jewel of ChaosJewel of BlessJewel of SoulJewel of LifeJewel of Creation
Drops up to 15 qty


Sealed Golden BoxSealed Armor SculptureCondor Flame
Splinter of ArmorBless of GuardianClaw of Beast
GemstonesRuud Box240 Goblin Points
Updated on December 28, 2023

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