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Monsters Elemental Defense

List of all elemental monster defense. You need to have higher elemental damage to be able to deal punish to them.


Monster NameElemental Defense
Debenter Devilfairy223
Deventer Elemental Beast235
Debenter Elemental Knight247
Uruk Devil Fairy252
Uruk Elemental Beast264
Uruk Elemental Knight276
Nars Devil Fairy312
Nars Elemental Beast324
Nars Elemental Knight336
Lord Devil Fairy210
Lord Elemental Beast240
Lord Elemental Knight270
Core Magriffy Illusion636
Lord silvester900
Core Magriffy1200


Monster NameElemental Defense
Ferea Knight900
Ferea Archer900
Ferea Fighter900
Ferea General1500
Lord of Ferea1500
Ferea Crystal Orb1500

Nixies Lake

Monster NameElemental Defense
Crystal Stone330

Deep Dungeon

Monster NameElemental Defense
Deep Dungeon Skeleton Warrior1050
Deep Dungeon Chief Skeleton Archer1230
Deep Dungeon Elite Skeleton Warrior1344
Deep Dungeon Larva924
Deep Dungeon Cyclops978
Deep Dungeon Ghost1134
Deep Dungeon Hell Hound1158
Deep Dungeon Hell Spider1260
Deep Dungeon Thunder Lich1290
Deep Dungeon Poison Bull Fighter1440
Deep Dungeon Dark Knight1428
Deep Dungeon Gorgon1500

Swamp of Darkness

Monster NameElemental Defense
Swamp Ent1500
Wooden Beast1516
Swamp Wizard1655
God of Darkness1920

Kubera Mine

Monster NameElemental Defense
Mine Digger1740
Mine Carrier1776
Mine Porter1823
Mine Driller1870
Dead Digger1917
Dead Shoveler1964
Dead Porter2011

Abyss of Atlans

Monster NameElemental Defense
Bahamut of Abyss2058
Vepar of Abyss2105
Medium Bahamut of Abyss2152
Silver Valkyrie of Abyss2199
Great Bahamut of Abyss2246
Lizard King of Abyss2293
(Elite) Great Bahamut of Abyss2654
(Elite) Lizard King of Abyss2705

Scorched Cannon

Monster NameElemental Defense
Scotched Warrior2434
Scorched Assasin2481
Scotch Wizard2528
(Elite) Scorched Warrior3049
(Elite) Scorched Assasin3107
(Elite) Scorched Wizard3165

Red Smoke Icarus

Monster NameElemental Defense
Red Alquamos2716
Red Mega Crust2763
Red Queen Rainer2810
Red Alpha Crust2857
Red Phantom Knight2904
(Elite) Great Drakan3296
(Elite) Phoenix of Darkness3359

Temple of Anvil

Monster NameElemental Defense
Temple Ogre3045
Temple Gremlin3092
Temple Gargoyle3139
(Elite) Temple Ogre3527
(Elite) Temple Gremlin3594
(Elite) Temple Gargoyle3661

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