PK System

Point System

Everytime you kill another character you will be given pk points for each kill (see table below) and will reach a PK level based on these points. You can reduce these pk points only by killing monsters, the amount of points reduced per monster is based on the monster level divided by 2.


If you have 21600 points left to get rid of the outlaw status and you are killing poison shadow monsters from lost tower 2 which are level 50. Each monster will reduce 25 pk points (50 divided by 2), you would need to kill 864 shadow monsters to reduce all pk points to zero.

PK Points Table

LevelPK level 1 (warning)PK level 2PK level 3 (Murder level)After PK level 3
Name ColorOrangeRedCrimson redCrimson Red
Points required2700 5400 10800 +5400


  • Points will continue to accumulate after PK Level 3. (Not Capped)
  • You can decrease one kill penalty using indulgence item (Goblin Point Store)
  • You can use command /pkclear to clear all your PK status. Costs 1 billion zen.
  • You can see your points by visiting ‘Pasi the Mage’ at Lorencia.

PK Penalty

PK penalties severity vary according to your PK level

PK LevelPK level 1 (warning)PK level 2PK level 3 (Murder level)
Item Drop Rate when killed by a monster*9%12%15%
Item Drop Rate when killed by a player*3%5%7%
EXP Reduction when killed by a monster5%10%20%
Zen Deduction Rate when killed by a player8% 12% 16%
Zen Deduction Rate on Player Kill 0% 6%12%
Warp zen cost multiplier 1x 50x 50x
Limitations to teleportationNo restrictionsCannot be summoned Cannot be summoned

*Max Item Level Drop is 6 and it does not drop expensive items. (excellent, ancients, sockets and wings).


  • Starting from PK level 2, you will automatically start at Lorencia after reconnecting.
  • If you enter a party all your party members can be killed without penalization.

Final notes

PK is part of the game and can be done in unlimited amounts nevertheless you must read our game rules and have some self control.

Updated on April 2, 2020

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