Punish Skill


Punish is a passive skill earned with errtel of radiance at rank 3. It deals a % of monster max HP as damage (depend on punish level).

How it works

Punish has 30% of chance to be activated when an elemental critical damage occurs. It means you must have a pentagram with critical damage option (listed below).

Pentagram NameMax Critical Damage Chance
Brave hero Elixir10%
Kundun’s Madness Blade10%
Kundun’s Magic Spell Scroll10%
Norrwen’s Bloodstring Lyra45%
Arca’s Prophecy10%

You will ONLY deal punish when your elemental damage is higher than monster elemental defense (see monster elemental defense).

Damage bonuses from pentagram or errtels against particular elements are not reflected in “Elemental ATK Power” therefore you MUST calculate it yourself.

The minimum requirement to deal punish is for your Max. Elemental ATK Power to be higher than monster elemental defense.


As shown in the image above the character “BanSamJam” has 654 ~ 868 elemental damage and 5% critical damage. If this character wants to deal punish to a ferea knight its elemental damage has to be higher than 900.

With its base elemental damage our example character won’t be able to deal elemental damage to a Ferea Knight. Thankfully we can take advatange of the elemental system and boost your elemental damage and be able to deal punish to certain elemental types.

We do a simulation what our actual elemental damage would be against a Ferea Knight with different element types.

Elemental TypeElemental DamageMin DamageMax Damage
Fire100% 654 868

Since our pentagram element type is Fire we can deal punish to both Wind and Darkness but will not to any other element type until we improve our errtels and increase our elemental damage even more.

This same concept applies to errtels bonuses against certain elemental types (which can differ from pentagram elemental type).

If we would take into consideration our Errtel of Anger Rank 2 option which gives +14% Attack Against Earth Element. Then our damage table will change as follows:

Elemental TypeElemental DamageMin DamageMax Damage
Fire100% 654 868
Earth (+14% bonus)95%708940

We are now able to deal punish to Earth type Ferea Knights due to errtel +14% bonus but not yet to Fire and Water Element. If our goal is to deal punish to fire or water we will require errtels that have bonuses against those elements. Changing pentagram element to an element with advantage will also serve the same purpose.

Remember that pentagrams only boost up to 10% extra elemental damage while errtels can boost up to 40% of elemental damage, therefore we highly recommend you to find errtels of anger and integrity that suits the elemental type you want to which you want to deal punish.

Updated on February 3, 2020

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