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Wings Level 1 Creation

Items Required

  • Chaos Weapon +4+4
  • Jewel of Chaos
  • Jewel of Soul & Bless (Optional: Increases rate)
  • Lesser Magic Stone (Optional: Increase rate) Recommended

Crafting Chaos Weapon

Go Karutan 1 and buy two rune blades +3+4+S+L from Bolo NPC (117,126).
You will need a item +4+4 as minimum for chaos weapon creation, the rune blades are already +3+4 so we need to increase its level from +3 to +4. Use jewel of bless or soul to do this.
Select Chaos weapon creation and add the two rune blades +4+4 and 1 chaos it will give 100% chance.
Whatever you get you may need to add jewels of bless and/or jewel of life to it to increase it to +4+4. If the weapon you obtained would require too much investment ditch it and create a new one. In our example we only would need to use 1 jewel of bless to make it +4+4.

Crafting Lesser Spirit Stone

Use items obtained from golden and silver medals, weapons are best. We use double blades +9+8+S+L 3 of them would give us 20~24 lesser spirit stones.
For a chaos weapon +4+4 you would require 20 lesser spirit stones to increase chance rate up to 100%.

Crafting level 1 wings

Select regular combination and add the chaos weapon, a jewel of chaos and your spirit stones to increase the success rate.
You have succesfully create a level 1 wings. Congratulations.
Updated on March 25, 2020

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